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It Pays To Have A Seat At This Table....

The High Rollers are the cream of the crop when it comes to Alpha plays. You have probably spent your career thinking that the High Rollers got lucky, but soon you’ll discover that they have decisive methods and only play when they know they will win. Receive a bag of BallerX tokens when you mint a High Roller, and daily token rewards for holding your NFT. Each Higher Roller NFT will also be used in our first of its kind Poker game launch in 2022. Do you have what it takes to become a High Roller and sit at this table?


A Rewards NFT
That You Will Want To Hold...

High Rollers are part of the BallerX Ecosystem, and as such are exclusive with many rewards for holders. When you mint a High Roller, you will automatically receive a big bag of BallerX Tokens as well as receive daily BallerX by simply holding the NFT. The BallerX token itself is launching towards the end of December 2021.

7,777 unique NFTs launching soon on Immutable X, 0.09 ETH each.


High Roller collection 1 High Roller collection 2 High Roller collection 3 High Roller collection 4 High Roller collection 5 High Roller collection 6 High Roller collection 7 High Roller collection 8 High Roller collection 9 High Roller collection 10

Exclusive 3D Art For Every High Roller

Every single hand-drawn High Roller NFT has a 3D counterpart NFT to go with it!

Approx 2 weeks after the hand-drawn OG High Rollers are minted, the owner of each NFT will be airdropped the 3D NFT separately.

That's 2 NFTs for the price of one, and with the daily rewards for holding an OG High Roller - it's a no brainer to get in early as the floor will rise with these rewards.

3d NFT 1 3d NFT 2 3d NFT 3 3d NFT 4 3d NFT 5 3d NFT 6


We are keeping the Roadmap as streamlined as possible so that we can stick to it and provide you with plenty of nice surprises and bonuses along the way that are unexpected!

October 2021

  • Art for High Rollers created
  • Team assembled
  • Social pages and community groups created
  • Website created
  • Blockchain contract written and verified
  • First influencers engaged to back project

November 2021

  • Collection of 7777 sold out
  • Community established
  • Holder rewards commence with BallerX token daily drops
  • Influencer campaigns step up as new partners come on board
  • NFT partners engaged for outreach
  • Community fund established for giveaways
  • Initiate the process for the DAO

December 2021

  • Utilise marketing fund from token to heavily promote the NFTs with strategic partnerships and advertising
  • Sweep floor on IMX using dev fund from token
  • Release game screenshots and video if possible
  • Disclose full features list for the initial High Rollers Poker game
  • Make initial proposals to community for the Poker game features

January 2022

  • Utilise marketing fund from token to heavily promote the NFTs with strategic partnerships and advertising
  • Commence work with Dino on the next exclusive hand drawn NFT drop
  • Release further gameplay footage and screenshots early Jan
  • Release V1 of the Poker game with playable NFTs, token integrated and Texas Hold ‘em as the initial game
  • DAO idea submission and voting on the proposed game features and NFT utilities

February 2022

  • Utilise marketing fund from token to heavily promote the NFTs with strategic partnerships and advertising
  • Announce and launch the next High Rollers NFT drop
  • Initiate partnerships with other collections/games using BallerX token as leverage
  • Assess response to game and roll out new features, bug fixes
  • Enable NFT staking for users that want to allow others to use their NFT to play and earn
  • DAO feedback on dev so far and voting on the future

March 2022

  • Utilise marketing fund from token to heavily promote the NFTs with strategic partnerships and advertising
  • DAO voting on charity partners to bring in for promo and to support
  • Previews of virtual reality Poker
  • Additional game modes launched in addition to Texas Hold ‘em


Q: What are the rewards and payout for minting and holding a High Roller?

A: When you mint a High Roller NFT, you will receive immediately 5000 BallerX tokens, AND you will receive 1000 BallerX tokens daily by holding your NFT. This is subject to change and may cease at any time.

Q: Who is the artist behind the collection?

A: Dino Tomic is a sensational and popular celebrity artist who has created the hand drawn High Roller collection

Q: What is the Total Mint Quantity?

A: 7777

Q: What is the Mint Price?

A: 0.09 ETH

Q: How many mints will be done in Presale?

A: 1513 mints were sold in the Pre-IMX sale.

Q: How many mints per transaction on the main launch?

A: 20 mints

Q: How much are gas fees?

A: There will be minimal gas fees from a few dollars all the way up to max $40 because we are using IMX. These fees are significantly lower than Ethereums as they are usually a few hundred minimum.

Q: How do I mint using IMX?

A: The minting process is very similar to minting on ETH, except you you simply have to register your wallet on IMX during the mint process - you will be guided step-by-step and it takes a few seconds. Everything after that is the same process as regular ETH minting.

Q: How are secondary sales and purchases made?

A: The secondary market is on Immutable X Marketplace

Q: What is the utility of the NFTs?

A: There are multiple utilities that will be announced in the future. The main one being daily rewards in BallerX token for holders of the NFTs. We also plan to release games including the Poker game in January 2022 and competitions that are exclusive to holders, but this will be announced only when it is finalized and ready to roll out.

Q: Are the team holding any NFTs back?

A: The team will only reserve 250 NFTs, randomly, to use for giveaways, our own avatars and for any other purpose useful to the project.

Q: How are the NFT minted, in a random order are more rare ones at the front?

A: The whole collection will be randomized so that there is a fair chance for everybody to get a rare one. The order in dispersing the NFTs will be sequential by number but the rarity has been completely randomized.

Q: Do the NFTs have rarity levels or traits?

A: There are hundreds of different traits which have allowed us to create a collection of 7777 unique NFTs. Of course there will be a wide scale from super rare all the way to common.

Q: How will we determine rarity of our NFTs?

A: After launch we will work to be listed on by a rarity site and Rarity Sniper ASAP.

Q: How do I claim my 3D High Roller?

A: Each wallet that mints OG High Rollers will be able to participate in a free mint even for the 3D Rollers some time shortly after launch.

Q: When and how will we be able to claim our BallerX tokens?

A: When the BallerX token launches, we will also launch a platform where you connect your Metamask wallet to verify your NFTs and claim the tokens that belong to you at 10% per week, and 50% every 8 weeks. This is subject to change due to token availability and may be withdrawn at any time.